Semantic Web 3.0

Steffan Huer interviews Alex Iskold of RWW and CEO of Adaptive Blue along with Nova Spivak of Radar Networks to get a perspective on two approaches to the move toward a semantic web.

From Steffan’s post:

"The programmers and engineers at the forefront of this new web argue it will far exceed the functionality of today’s Web 2.0, the crop of interactive applications. The semantic web will possess reasoning capabilities, enabling it to wring structure and thereby meaning out of reams of unstructured data – from in-boxes to travel plans and bank statements.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee described this vision back in 2001 in a seminal article for Scientific American, in which he spoke of software agents interacting with humans and among themselves. The technology and standards to make this goal come true have been evolving ever since. First, however, there has to be data and metadata – or descriptions of that data – that new software can parse, categorize, and connect."

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