Value in the Voice Social Network

From Tim O’Reilly:

"I continue to think that … the phone, even more than email and IM, and certainly more than an outside-in, invitation-driven "social networking application" represents my real social network."

Tim is right.  Who we talk to – either in person or by phone – represents what I call the "voice social network" (or some might say the "voice social graph")

The value of our Voice Social Network is distinct from…is more personal than… and creates higher social capital compared to… any of the numerous text-driven, link-driven or broadcast oriented social networks that we belong to today.


What we click or type takes some social energy and thought… and creates some relationship capital in our text/link social network. But, making a phone call requires a higher personal level of social investment…and creates higher, stronger and unique social capital for you within your (voice) social network.

There are signficant opportunities to create new value for users by powering and engaging their voice social network.


  1. Bruce – this is a great observation and one I had not really thought of before.
    One thing I would say is that while the value of the relationship may be greater among your “voice network,” I think that the quality of the communications is often better with the “text network”
    I now find that if I have something very important to say or convey, I prefer written to spoken. If I do spoken first (really important stuff) I generally follow-up with an an email or snail mail.

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