Google acquires Jaiku… and why not Twitter

I’ve been using both Jaiku and Twitter to better understand the differences along with the value proposition for (enterprise) users.  My earlier post on the value of Voice Social Networks and my link to Tim O’Reilly’s post on iPhone without Jaiku outlines how social software and presence apps are creating new user value. 

So now that Google has acquired Jaiku, Tim answers the question "why Jaiku and not Twitter"?

"The answer seems pretty obvious to me. Jaiku isn’t a "lifestreaming" company per se. They are a mobile company in the business of creating smarter presence applications. Far from being a runner up behind twitter, they are a leader in a category most people haven’t fully grasped yet. Google is clearly thinking a lot about mobile, and so they do grasp it."

For me,"smarter presense applications" include those communication applications that are presence, attention, social and context aware.  Tailoring mobile services based on this "awareness" bring value to the user before, during and after a conversation. Jaiku’s "live" phonebook is a good example.   With Google’s Mobile OS, Grand Central and Jaiku assets, we should expect to more examples coming from Google.

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