Twine – Creating a Semantic Web of Knowledge

Twine_logoPeter Rip offers his take on today’s launch of Twine by Radar Networks – one of his portfolio companies:

"This is the real power of Twine.  All the information I have been accumulating has been intelligent interconnected as a personal semantic web of knowledge.  That mimics my own ability to recall what I know.  I don’t find this that interesting, yet, because my use of Twine is relatively recent.  Ten years from now, my long term recall of what I knew today will be greatly diminished, unless I use Twine.  More immediately, everyone in my groups (Crosslink Capital, Radar Networks, etc.) benefits from attaching their knowledge networks to mine.  This really allows us to create a group diligence process that represents and leverages everything we, as a firm, know.  It means I know can truly leverage the knowledge and relationships my partners accumulate. The enrichment means we all get more than we put in as we use the product.  This basic process of structure knowledge capture and sharing is nearly universal in business, from major account sales processes to product design collaborations…

…I have to say it’s really going to become an important enhancement to the way I communicate and accumulate what I know (and who I know.)"

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