Google and Skype

Umair Haque links to Jemima Kiss of the Guardian and her speculating on rumors in London that Google is negotiating to acquire Skype:

"It’s been a while since the last juicy web business rumour, so this will do nicely.

Currently in favour around London’s webbist community is the rumour that Google has been in negotiations to buy Skype, the web telephony firm, from eBay.

This makes sense on a number of levels, particularly because it fits with Google’s ambitions for disrupting the mobile industry through its new open mobile phone development platform Android, and for eBay – which was recently forced to admit that it had paid too much for Skype.

Plus, Google bases all of its mobile projects in London, so this is the fitting place for such a rumour.

Place your bets."

Fun to think about, and at one level it makes sense.  Umair highlights the disruptive impact this would have on the telco value chains… and I agree.  But if you think about this for a minute.  What is the valuation of Skype post-Ebay?  How would Google – Ebay align after a deal?  Ebay won’t just take the cash… they’d want more right?   How would Skype – Android – GrandCentral work together?   Is Skype-Mobile embedded within Android?  Hmmm…

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