Jingle: Last Call for Comments… SIP Next

In January 2006, XMPP based GoogleTalk announced with Jabber support the drafts of Jingle – a specification for multimedia over XMPP.   This was a splash back then and will increasingly become important considering how Google’s communications portfolio has evolved through the introduction of Android, gTalk-AOL, GrandCentral and gApps.  With the anticipated spec for XMPP-SIP gateway integration, expect to see a stronger Jingle push from the Google-Jabber ecosystem.

From Jabber-XMPP Standards Foundation announcing last call for comments on Jingle (see earlier post):

"Today the XMPP Council issued a last call for comments on the various Jingle specifications for multimedia negotiation over XMPP. Comments should be provided by December 14, so read the following specifications and send your feedback to the standards@xmpp.org list:

We will soon also publish a specification for mapping between SIP and Jingle for seamless gatewaying of open multimedia technologies."

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