Prosumer = Individual consumer as a mini enterprise

Mozy_logo_2 EMC’s acquisition of Mozy was a recognition that the consumer is requiring increased information management solutions a la the enterprise worker. 

  Robert Buderi writes up his interview with EMC’s CTO and talks about the Mozy acquisition:

"The home consumer is a far cry from a big corporate enterprise, but each one of us can be seen as a mini enterprise.

That was the big revelation I took away from a recent interview with Jeff Nick, EMC’s chief technology officer. We spoke about many things, but I was particularly curious to ask about the company’s October acquisition of Utah-based Berkeley Data Systems, owner of online-backup service Mozy. EMC, after all, is about large enterprise customers. Mozy mainly targets the home consumer—so how deeply was EMC pushing into the consumer front?

Nick turned that question on its ear by talking about what he sees as the increasingly enterprise-like evolution of home consumers when it comes to handling information, including vital personal information, and how EMC saw this trend as a major opportunity for the company down the road. The distinction between the enterprise and consumer realms is breaking down, he said, “The lines are fundamentally blurring.”

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