Fluc – Mobile Advertising

From Josh Cantone at RWW:

Fluclogo Australian startup Fluc is an innovative new mobile advertising network that not only lets publishers monetize their content, but also lets mobile users opt-in to be paid to recieve targeted SMS-based advertisements….

The site doesn’t say what the average payout is, and mentions both $0.20 and $0.30 in examples, nor does the site say how many ads someone is likely to receive each day, though there is a maximum of 5 per 24 hour period. If Fluc could average 20 cents per ad delivered and fill the maximum each day, we’re talking $30 per month just to receive a few extra text messages — assuming you have a free text messaging plan, that’s a serious dent in your monthly wireless bill. That’s assuming a lot from a fledgling ad network that works with geopositioning data (i.e., some users are likely to receive less ads than others simply because of where they live), but there exists a potential for the Fluc scheme to seriously subsidize the cost of your mobile phone."

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