The Value of Data vs. Markets, Networks and Communities

From Umair at Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab:

Semanticwebpic "Everyone’s discussing what seems to be a foregone conclusion: that data’s the valuable thing, so who own the data? But no real insight seems to be generated by this discussion – because the premise is erroneous.

This is an old question. We discussed it at USV Sessions two years ago – I think it was phrased, "What’s the value of data in an open world". And even then, little insight was generated.

It’s the wrong question. Data isn’t the valuable.

In fact, data’s a commodity. We’re drowning in data.

Think about it this way: the lower the cost of interaction, by definition, the more abundant data is – because every interaction creates reams of data. More data is created tomorrow than was created yesterday. And so on.

What is valuable are the things that create data: markets, networks, and communities."

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