Consumer (web) Services redefining the Enterprise

Jeff Nolan of NewsGator and Venture Chronicles offers further proof of how the enterprise is being consumerized (some earlier related posts here, here, here)

"The move to make our RSS client reader apps free last week is part of a bigger strategy to realize the data services aspirations of the company by generating massive amounts of “attention data” that could then be used to drive new features within both our enterprise and consumer products, and offer us the ability to create a new business unit altogether.

I argued aggressively to make the client apps free, which to my great pleasure the rest of the leadership team embraced in mid November and through a frantic chain reaction of internal processes delivered on last week.

The results have been astounding, our client app download rate increased by several orders of magnitude, we pushed our data network to 2 million feeds for the first time in our history, we are collecting millions attention items daily (attention items are the actions users take on feeds), and inbound interest for our data services shot up dramatically."…. and….

"Not lost in all of this is a march toward a fundamental principle that underpins my point of view on enterprise software, that consumer services are altering the very notion of what we call enterprise. We have large Fortune 50 companies telling us they also want consumer relevancy data to enhance their search and filtering capability behind the firewall, to expose and target new opportunities, and to displace expensive proprietary information services with free public data that we aggregate."


  1. Good post.

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