Value in Enterprise Conversations

Sam Lawrence (Jive Software) commenting on Shel Israel’s post about social media in the enterprise and Dennis Howlett’s post on ”The End of Software…".  Sam comments:

"It’s true, there are two camps.

* A sale to the Exec Team or a sale to IT.

* A decision between people or files.

* Between conversation or reports.

The word "social” can really throw people. People hear that word combined with the word "enterprise" and they immediately go to Facebook or friending–so, basically goofing off. That’s why it can sound trivial.

The problem is, we’ve only had one option. A couple of decades living in the Microsoft world of personal inbox, personal calendar, and "where do I put my files," so it’s hard to imagine another way. And of course, this is how Microsoft makes its money, so it’s not like they’re going to give that up.

But the real question is "where do I put my conversations?" CEOs care about the big conversations. The ones that stretch across P&Ls. They care about onboarding. They care about they’re acquisitions assimilating. They want to know what’s going on, where the duplication is, why things are stalled. They want the conversation to happen with all the stakeholders, that means people outside the company, too. There’s no place to do that today and file-centric systems can never bolt on enough little wikis and widgets to ever get there. Goodbye Frankensuite, hello Visible Enterprise."

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