Customer Service is the new Finance ?

If A = B and B=C …..  Then A=C… right? 

I found myself thinking this through in the context of's positioning that Customer Service is the New Marketing and a recent article on Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google, outlining that Marketing – specifically advertising – is the new Finance.

Both concepts offer plenty to consider as social applications and business model innovation become the sources for new customer value and enterprise revenue growth in the edge / attention / intention / conversation economy.  

People powered customer service and how an enterprise converses with its communities are driving new ways to think about traditional customer service and marketing.   New social media and marketing tools based on sharper relevance and contextual algorithms are driving more efficient targeting of media advertising that result in better ROI / financials.  Applying economics, auction pricing theory and quantifiable buying models to marketing sounds more like finance than advertising but that is exactly what Google and others are doing today.  

So, I found myself considering if "Customer Service is the new Marketing"… and "Marketing is the new Finance"… then… 

"Customer Service is the new Finance"… right?


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