Coveo’s Search CRM and Customer Service Offer

Chris Bucholtz from Inside CRM highlights Coveo’s move to bring search to CRM and Customer Service:

What if you could do a search of your CRM system – and your ERP system, corporate intranet, tech support emails and customer support databases – and pull out specific details that apply to your customer, and do it in real-time?

That’s the thrust behind Coveo’s G2B for CRM, the limited availability of which was officially announced this morning. Coveo has worked on enterprise search tools in the past, and only recently came to the realization that a search product tuned for CRM could have a ready audience. 

“Most of the time, you don’t need a report from your CRM system – you need just one answer about one customer,” said Jim Waters, vice president of global marketing for Coveo. 

A good example of this came from one of Coveo’s customers, CA, Waters said. CA has many products and lots of deeply technical content, and that puts a strain on services staff. “Customer service would have to put people on hold and hunt for answers,” Waters said. “That’s not what customers expect.”

G2B for CRM includes connectors for and Siebel, with connectors for “three or four more CRM systems” in development, Waters said. It also has connectors to email systems, ERP, and information stored on corporate intranets. “You can enter a three or four-word search and draw data from seven, eight, nine or 10 servers,” said Waters. And, if you ave an idea where the data may be located, you can exclude data sources to streamline your search.

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