Brandstreaming: Cisco’s Flow of Social Media at the Edge of the Enterprise

An interesting example of how consumer-driven innovation and Enterprise Edge strategies are inspiring new ways to connect with markets, networks and communities of users can be seen in the latest move by Cisco’s enterprise edge strategy to use “brandstreaming” for marketing campaigns.  

Here, RWW describes what Brandstreaming is and who is doing it

The example that caught my eye was Cisco’s approach to Brandstreaming.  Cisco worked with Pheedo to apply the consumer oriented life-streaming social media model to enterprise marketing communications:

“Another example of brandstreaming is from Cisco. In the post linked above here, Pheedo sings the virtues of brandstreaming as a way for companies to get their brands in front of consumers, but also as a new kind of advertising tool.

Pheedo ran campaign for Cisco which, in their words, was “designed as an integrated Social Media ad network campaign with the goals of driving 1) traffic, 2) newsletter sign-ups, and 3) RSS subscriptions.” The Cisco brandstream included video, press releases, customer stories and product updates.”

It is worth checking out Pheedo’s site and blog to get a better sense of their approach to Brandstreaming, networked marketing and media strategy (Media 2.0).   Here, Pheedo provides additional information on Cisco’s Brandstreaming strategy:

An example of a company who is executing Brandstreaming is Cisco. Cisco was searching for a strategy that would enable them to engage in one to one discourse with their consumers and to promote their brand. The Cisco Brandstream was designed as an integrated Social Media ad network campaign with the goals of driving 1) traffic, 2) newsletter sign-ups, and 3) RSS subscriptions.

Effectively, Cisco’s Brandstream strategy is built on content across multiple online distribution channels. This content – Cisco’s brand life – powers the Brandstream. It shares and communicates Cisco’s ideas, beliefs, passions, thoughts, and values – that defines who Cisco is. But how did Cisco engage in discussion with their consumer? Cisco accomplished this by leveraging their consumers’ Lifestreams as a lead nurturing technique via content advertisements in RSS News Feeds.

Read that again…

“…Cisco’s brand life – powers the Brandstream… and communicates ( the flow of ) Cisco’s ideas, beliefs, passions, thoughts and values – that define who Cisco is…”

Watch for more flow-oriented enterprise social media concepts like “brandstreaming” to emerge as enterprise players try to engage and nurture new markets, networks and communities of users, customers and stakeholders at the enterprise edge.

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