RMBR launches Mobile social software

VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi covers the launch of New York based mobile social software service  rmbr.com:

"rmbrME lets you send out a bzCard, which includes a standard vCard
data (phone number, address etc.) plus social networking links such as
direct links to your Facebook or Linkedin pages. It works from most
phones, including smart phones, and on any cell phone carrier. It’s a
free service for now, but Zichermann says the company will introduce
subscription versions and other monetization schemes later.

service goes live today. The company has been testing it for a couple
of months and has gotten good reviews, particularly from business users
who want it to be integrated with other functions such as
Salesforce.com for lead management.

The rmbrME service will also incorporate the concept of Funware, a term which Zichermann coined and an idea we highlighted in a popular feature story.
The idea refers to introducing game-like concepts to motivate users of
non-game applications. In this case, rmbrME will hold contests and have
leader scoreboards for people who can exchange the most bzcards.
Zichermann said he’s picked up a lot of interest from potential
sponsors from trade shows. The thinking is that the organizers of the
shows can hold contests where they give out awards to attendees who
make the most of the show."

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