Google Mobile = Chrome + Android + Cloud

Scott Webster of Android Guys highlights what I've been thinking.  Google Android may be aimed initially at Microsoft or Apple, but it really is a first step to a larger Google Mobile vision that uses Chrome, Android and Cloud based apps to drive new growth. From Scott:

"Alot of people think that Google’s mobile agenda stops at Android.  I think that this is where it begins.  Android is just a tool to help further things at a faster rate.  The boys from Mountain View are already putting out applications for other platforms like iPhone and Windows Mobile.  Android simply takes everything that Google offers and bundles it into a convenient package.  Why download all the individual apps and services when they come preloaded on a revolutionary handset?

It’s no secret that the “cloud” is where things are headed.  No longer being confined to a desktop or laptop, people are free to access their files from practically anywhere in the world, providing an internet connection is available.  Pull up your spreadsheets, vacation photos, and favorite music all from the same device, regardless of operating system.  Google has slowly been going cloud on us for the last few years with things like Google Docs, Picassa, and Gmail.  Android is the means to the end."

Watch for v2 of Android and more importantly, Android based devices and applications that fulfill the Trivergence model to move us all toward the Google Mobile Vision.


  1. I agree on the push towards cloud computing which then leads to Google’s ultimate goal in furthering mobile Internet access as this would triple its online advertising reach.
    ,Michael Martin

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