Mobile “Sensing” for Context-Aware Application

Seagulls Flying

From Nokia's Conversation blog, we learn about their vision of turning mobile devices into sensors.  

For me, it serves as an example of Nokia's interest in the "Sensing Wave".

"Every phone is a sensor 
When you start thinking of the mobile device as providing context, you start to think of users projecting who they are, what they are doing, and where they are. But, when you begin to think of what could mobile devices do anonymously, you can see cases where sensor-filled devices can, in aggregate, provide information on traffic, weather, or health patterns."

Most people see how the mobile phone could power context-aware applications by aggregating, analyzing and acting on information "sensed" by the device.  

Here, Nokia highlights how anonymous data could provide context-aware applications for the collective.   In addition, capturing personal data for the individual user will provide context-aware applications and reasoning engines that are critical to helping each of us intelligently filter media and conversations to those that are the most relevant to our situation and preferences.

We're at the early stages of the "Sensing Wave".  Watch for more context-aware applications to emerge that "sense" based on data aggregation, analysis and acting.

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