Customer Service 2.0 continues to evolve

How is Customer Service 2.0 emerging and how might it differ from today's Customer Service 1.0 world?

1. Social Networked Customer Service: Customer Care Operations become social and collaborative with their Customer community by optimizing their conversations and relationships using Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 tools.

2. Customer-driven Customer Service: Customers, Users, Consumers take more control over their transaction, conversation and relationship activities with vendors.  What was once CRM becomes VRM (vendor relationship management).

Customer Service 2

Along these lines, Pistachio Consulting does a nice job summarizing the use of twitter as a case study of customer service 2.0.

Stories of one company or another coming to the aid of its customers via Twitter are now legion. 

Consumer-facing firms like Comcast have made it a priority to scan the twitterverse for unhappy customers and to make them happy.

What you will find less often on Twitter are stories of one customer being simultaneously wooed by multiple companies eager for that person’s brand loyalty.

That’s just what happened to Baltimore doctor Gary Kerkvliet, who found himself being courted by Comcast and Verizon — via tweets and direct messages — for his home-Internet business.
Kerkvliet would ultimately become a champion of bothcompanies — despite having initially horrific problems with one and ending up with the other.

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