Strive to become a Creative , Collaborative , Global Super Node

I believe that differentiation will increasingly be created by becoming a "smart node" or "super node" within the enterprise networked ecosystem.   This holds true for vendors as well as individuals.

My vision for the future state of enterprise apps highlights the strategic transition vendors need to make in order to compete.   Vendors need to shift their strategic focus from "owning a layer" in the software stack to becoming a supernode within their networked marketplace.  The competitive model is shifting from a horizontal stack of competitive shoot-outs to a networked mesh of nodes and links.  

The same holds true for individuals in the enterprise.  Increasingly, command and control management that was the core of last century's industrial economy is shifting to a decentralized, networked management structure where the individual's creativity, market vision and social collaborative networks inside/outside the enterprise are the sources of value in this century's networked edge economy.

"As part of our Influencing Strategy by Design course, Tom Chi and I walk through some global trends that provide designers with an opportunity for leadership roles. Specifically Tom illustrates the transition from the 1800s craft economy to the 2000s creative economy. 

In the economy of the 2000s, creativity is once again a key driver of value as command and control structures can no longer manage the full set of information and decisions required to operate at a global scale. This creates a need for “smart nodes” across the enterprise that can collaboratively lead aspects of the business. These leadership positions are enabled through access to large amounts of data and technology. Creativity is required to make use of this information and set of tools to advance the goals of the organization"


Every enterprise vendor and every individual working for an enterprise vendor should be asking themselves…

"What is my networked node strategy to compete and create new value in the edge economy?"



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