Most Popular Posts of 2008

While I haven't done this in previous years, I've always looked to see what were the most popular 3-5 posts over the year.

Thanks to you, here are the most popular posts of 2008

Creating new value for users – and therefore new revenue growth opportunities – at the "edge of the enterprise" will require new viral application strategies and networked business models that create and monetize value from data found in networks, markets and communities of enterprise end users.

As Enterprise 2.0 innovations emerge, the soul of the enterprise will be found in enabling users to follow and filter the flow of their most important, most relevant conversations and relationships with colleagues, customers and communities.

I believe the emerging wave of "Sensing" solutions and innovations will create new, fast growing companies and whole new industry segments just as the "Computing" Wave ( think Mainframe, Midrange, PC, Software) and "Connecting" Wave ( think networking, routing, switching, LAN, WAN, Wireless, Mobile) did over the last 25+ years.

If the 80's was about Hardware Innovation, and the 90's was about Software Innovation, then the 00's – 10's has been / will be about Data Innovation.  So, one formula for success in the enterprise edge economy could be to:

"Apply algorithms to unstructured data to organize it into usable, open information for end users in a way that adds value through networks, markets or communities."

What the WSJ misses is that Cisco has done more than focus M&A on Platforms.  Cisco has focused M&A on "Edge" deals over the same time period. Cisco's recent M&A activities represent a conscious effort on their part to execute a strategy for the Edge Economy.

In addition, capturing personal data for the individual user will provide context-aware applications and reasoning engines that are critical to helping each of us intelligently filter media and conversations to those that are the most relevant to our situation and preferences.

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