Products with Communication Channel built right in …

From Russell Davies:

"The point I'm groping towards is that as objects informationalise communication channels are getting built in. And there are ways of doing this that are mass, cheap and easy. Printing. Paper. Ink. RFID. And cleverer phones will be the perfect things to interact with these clever objects. This is what advertising and marketing and media people really need to get afeared by. All this web stuff is going to look like a picnic compared to the horrors that will be dealt to the agency and media businesses when every product has a communications channel built right in." 

At the intersection of Mobile, Customer Service and Branding/Marketing is a number of new venture opportunities that take data streams from products and users to build value through networks, markets and communities.    When products have their own communication channel built in, conversations across user communities, customer service interactions and social branding will be the sources of new growth.

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