Business User “Sensing” Applications

I like this insight into IBM's Social Networks & Discovery (SaND) research and their focus on filter improvements to identify contextually relevant people, documents and expertise within the enterprise.  

For me, this represents an early example of Phase 3 in my five phased roadmap of Enterprise communication and collaboration software.   Phase 3 is about adding filtering and sensing features that make enterprise applications "aware" (e.g. context-aware, location-aware and social-aware) based on simple analysis of our personal ambient and declarative data.

From Jeff Widman at TechCrunch:

"the IBM aggregation and filtering system works on any entity in a system–people, textual documents, or meta-information (tags). Like Google, searching on any term returns a ranked results list. But unlike Google, pausing over a link shows the relationships between people, tags, and documents"…

"As this information proliferation grows–on both sides of the firewall–filtering relevant people and content will only become more necessary"

(Thanks to Sam Huleatt for sharing through Google Reader)

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