Social Technographics of the Business User

From G. Oliver Young at Forrester Research:

The first full report from Forrester's recent survey of how business technology buyers use social media is now officially on the Forrester website. Its available to all Forrester clients, but if you are not a client here are some of the highlights:

Forrester Social Technographic

The big takeaway: Technology buyers are highly socially active, the most active we have seen so far. Many technology vendors have been on the leading edge of social media marketing for some time (Dell and IBM come to top of mind) and for good reason. IT buyers — both in the IT department and within the line of business are highly engaged with social media, and use blogs, discussion forums, and rich media in many technology purchase processes.

It is good to see Forrester continue to assess the adoption and use of social technologies within the enterprise.  I like the break out between IT and Line of Business and the use of Charlene Li's framework.

I've been leading our own research into Business User behaviors and attitudes when it comes to communication, collaboration and social technologies.  By now, I think we all realize that consumer experiences are shaping Business User expectations.  Redefining enterprise communications based on Business User needs is uncovering a number of new opportunities in the UC and Collaboration space.  

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