Jive’s move to create a new Social Business Software category

Jive goes big with the introduction of SBS 3.0 (renaming Clearspace) and look to create a new enterprise software category called Social Business Software (SBS). 


What if Work Was Social Again? from Jive Software on Vimeo.

Sam Lawrence – who's blog titled "Go Big Always" carries the market vision and strategy – outlines Jive's ambition and intent to redefine the enterprise collaboration market

"With today's launch of Jive SBS 3.0, we launch two things: (1) the largest enterprise software category since ERP, CRM, and messaging combined, and (2) a brand new solution that finally brings the vision of uniting customers, partners, and employees together to change the way they work with each other.

With this release, Jive sets the course for the SBS category."

Jive spent considerable time and energy briefing industry thought leaders, analysts and customers on the vision and key elements of the SBS 3.0 offer.

SBS 3.0 is essentially a suite of social business applications designed for Global 2000 enterprises based on extensive consultation with clients and analysts such as Forrester. It aims to allow people from inside and outside an enterprise to connect, communicate and collaborate, reducing the cost, time and risk required to produce business results by improving performance.

There are now four application centers:  Innovation, Employee Engagement, Marketing & Sales and Customer Support. Jive SBS 3.0 provides a significant new bridge application that aims to link internal employee collaboration with external partner and customer communities within a single application suite.

This illustration shows the ‘foundation’ of SBS, which is essentially Clearspace 3.0.


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