Enterprise Hybrid Clouds for Business User Apps

Six elements characterize my vision for the future state of enterprise applications.  
They are:
  1. Applications delivered through Hybrid Clouds integrating private, public and premise based resources 
  2. Applications that are Business User driven with a focus on UX of the Business User 
  3. Social enabling transaction, conversation and relationship apps and associated data
  4. Device Agnostic applications that synch across devices, web, cloud and premise platforms
  5. Flow-ready apps that aggregate, filter, share and visualize user information and activity streams
  6. Sensing apps that act on a user's voice, ambient context, declarative context or gestural input 
I keep an eye out for signposts that we're making progress toward this "future state" and was pleased to see Ed Sim highlight a proof point of the "Hybrid Clouds" element in his post :

Amazon has taken off with its cloud compute infrastructure but there still have been some limitations from an enterprise perspective.  Mainly, some enterprises are concerned about keeping their data private, about reliability, and storage costs over time.  

Any enterprise looking at potentially leveraging the cloud would love to have a hybrid solution which allows them to manage their own internal cloud and then burst over to a public cloud for either automated failover, extra storage, or to port an application over after using an internal platform for development.

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