Sensor Analytics of Real-time Activity

As flow-based applications continue to emerge and deliver on the promise of real-time conversation across networks, markets and communities, analytics apps that help us understand and sense the flow will becoming increasingly important.

If the first wave of monitoring and analytics apps focused on historical activity, then we're starting to see the second wave of analytics apps that focus on the real-time flow of conversations, sentiments and transactions.  

Realtime Dashboard
Chartbeat offers a real-time dashboard that shows how many people are on your site at any given moment, where they are, where they're coming from, and what they're doing.  Chartbeat constantly receives information about your users and we show you if they're reading, writing or idle. We also monitor twitter and blogs for comments about your brand


  1. There was a service called that did tried the same thing as a plug in to firefox. If you had the plug in you could see how many others were on your site, or ANY OTHER SITE you were at. It strikes me now that it was a bit like Glue ( If these topics interest you, you might track the Defrag conference.

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