Communications becomes Entertainment

Netpop Research LLC has recently published a new report titled “Netpop | Connect: Social Networkers US” highlighting that at the same time as online communications has increased to 27% of online time spent, the time for traditional forms of online entertainment has declined dramatically down to 19% of time spent online.

Comm becomes Entertainment - Netpop 2009

Netpop concludes this is changing the face of how entertainment is defined, and giving rise to a new form of social / conversational entertainment built around talking, sharing, and providing opinions and perspectives.

Check out the presentation here:

Netpop | Connect: Media Shifts to Social 2009 Preview

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While one could describe this as a shift toward social entertainment, describing this as "communications becomes entertainment" as highlighted by opens up new ways to think about the evolution of communication applications.

If Communications becomes Entertainment, then the source of new communication opportunities may be found at the intersection of:

  • game theory and communications
  • social capital theory and communications 
  • mobile social games and communications 
  • gifting and communications 
  • rating/ranking and communications   

We see it today in consumer communication applications and I think that is what Netpop Research highlights in their report.   

For me, it will be interesting to see if and/or how social, gaming and entertainment theory emerge in enterprise communication apps moving forward.