When Passive Objects join the Conversation

In an earlier post, I point to Russell Davies' thoughts on what happens when (passive) objects have multiple communication channels embedded, become (active objects) and are able to converse with us, with relevant customer and vendor communities and/or with other relevant objects.

Russell was looking at this change and its impact from the Agency side, and I slightly broadened it to include new sources of growth for enterprise communication application providers :

"When products have their own communication channel built in, conversations across user communities, customer service interactions and social branding will provide sources of new growth."

Today, David Armano (@darmano) pointed out that Nokia interviewed Leonard Shustek, board chairman of the Computer History Museum, as part of their Ideas Project.   In the interview Shustek outlines his belief that our relationship with the objects we create is about to radically change. 

Today, the things we manufacture are for the most part passive. But as sensing, computing and communication capabilities proliferate, they will penetrate virtually every device we produce (and many we don't), profoundly modifying the way we live.

It is worth spending some time on the Nokia Ideas Project site… and you can start by viewing their interview of Leonard Shustek below..

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