Social Filters shifting new value and revenue to the Enterprise Edge

We continue to see the migration of new user value, and therefore new revenue opportunities, to the edge of the enterprise where employees connect directly with users. 

As the enterprise becomes more social, the companies who make it easy for end-users and employees to jointly discover, capture, create, share and analyze their most important transactions, conversations and relationships will win.  Enterprise Incumbents and New Players are all actively pursuing this emerging opportunity (see Enterprise Edge Matrix-2009). 

"The operating premise for all social filtering is simple; we trust the opinions of people more than companies. We build relationships with individuals (people) more easily than with companies. It is easier to be loyal to a person than a company. So when it comes to needing information people will more readily turn to people. This Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious (BGO) reinforces why companies need to continue to move towards a social model of business and a culture that empowers more employees to build relationships with the outside world. In a networked world communication choke points are lost opportunities."

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