EMC’s User Experience Design Stack

Mark Kraemer of EMC's User Experience team in Dallas offers insight into how they approach a broad range of user experience design challenges with the UXD Stack.

The UXD Stack

UXD Stack

"We called it a “stack” because each layer supports the layer above it. Ideally, design decisions shouldn’t be made on each layer until the layer above it is completely understood. For best effect, consider each layer in order from top to bottom.

We’ve illustrated each layer with ideas from websites or applications, but the model applies to all manners of communication. This approach is equally effective for planning a billboard, a radio ad, writing a term paper, or even calling to order a pizza. Every method of communication requires a purpose, has an audience, contains content, uses specific context, and is transmitted via some kind of media. this approach can be used to plan any kind of communication endeavor.

“The UXD Stack” is simple enough to apply to all of our wide-range of projects, yet thorough enough to cover all the bases. It can be as detailed or simple as needed at all levels of a project. We haven’t come across a challenge on a project yet that didn’t fit into one or more layers for understanding."

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