Augmented Reality + Communications

Nokia has created a short video clip providing a glimpse of what we could expect when augmented reality and communications ( what I've been calling augmented communications ) come together to create a new user experience.

Their vision combines AR glasses, 3D audio, haptic bracelet, sensors and mobile cloud services to create a seamless integration of "mixed reality" communications and media. 

In the last 6 months we've seen the introduction of augmented reality browsers (see wikitude and layar) and a number of AR enabled applications (see yelp) emerge.  While it is still early in the evolution of AR applications and network infrastructure, it is moving forward quickly.  Portions of Nokia's vision are not that far away. 

Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb offered 5 barriers to an AR web that is everywhere.  His list provides great guidance for all AR applications.   If I narrow the focus to outline 5 hurdles critical to broad adoption of Augmented Communication applications, we get:  

  1. Ensure Augmented Communications must be Secure and Spam-Free
  2. Create Augmented Communications Apps that are Social and Real-time (not solitary and cached)
  3. Deliver a compelling Augmented Communications User Experience (not just a cool UI)
  4. Develop an Augmented Communications platform that interoperates with other AR apps
  5. Enable developers to create new Augmented Communication apps from your Open platform

With these 5 guiding principles in mind, take a look at Nokia's video clip and think about the opportunity to create new value for users through Augmented Communications.



  1. If thats AR I’ll stick with my iPhone. Hot blonde getting visual text messages from her bf? Please. It’s going to be spam, porn, coupons and intrusions from the get go, that is the only way I can see that AR firms are going to make money unless they can get people to pay for apps.

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