Adjacent Growth Strategies for Adobe

Adobe continues to push into adjacent markets for growth.  After the $1.8B acquisition of Omniture, Adobe announced it is working with Gigya – a social media authentication and distribution platform – to create a new service that helps advertisers and developers make web and mobile applications more social, collaborative and monetizable.    

"During an IAB MIXX keynote, Adobe Systems Inc. announced the launch of a new service that lets advertisers and publishers promote, measure and monetize applications across social networks and mobile devices.

Called Adobe Flash Platform Services for Distribution, it consists of online, hosted services that let developers add capabilities to Web applications with a predictable deployment model. Targeting developers, advertisers and publishers, Adobe Flash Platform Services are designed to help clients make Web applications sharable, social, collaborative and monetizable."

Adobe is creating a centralized dashboard that helps developers and advertisers promote, track, optimize and monetize adoption of their web apps and promotional media across multiple social networks and mobile platforms.  

Both the Omniture acquisition and this new Distribution platform highlight Adobe's push for growth by entering near adjacencies with new products for their existing customers.

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