Recorded Future looks Promising

I continue to believe that the future state of enterprise apps is:

1. Delivered by Hybrid Cloud models integrating private + public virtualized resources

2. User data driven with a focus on user experience 

3. Social enabling of user transactions, conversations and relationships

4. Device agnostic applications running across devices, web and premise platforms

5. Real-time aggregation, filtering and visualization of user information and activity

6. Sensing-based by acting on user's ambient and declarative data

With these guiding principles as context, you can see why I think early stage, semi-stealth
Recorded Future is an interesting start-up with great promise.   

The ability to aggregate, index, filter and visualize trends and patterns resulting from a number of conversation, transaction and social media sources to predict future events is a powerful value proposition for individual users and enterprises.

Check out this video to get a better understanding of how Recorded Future can map and visualize changes in a social graph over time by collecting and analyzing relevant events, media and conversations.

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