Strong Ties of our Social Core

I've been working through some key elements of an emerging opportunity in what I've been calling our "Social Core".  

What do I mean by our Social Core?

  Social Core Map

I define our social core as the vital few, strong social ties we have with family, friends and colleagues in our life.  They are the trusted core of our real-life social network.  

In the rush to enable users to build extended social networks with 1,000's of "friends" and "followers", social app vendors have overshot our need to truly leverage and unleash the power of the conversations, relationships and trust found in the core of our real life social network.    

Think about all the opportunities to optimize our real life connections with the most important people in our lives (our social core) and ways to engage our social core to optimize our real lives.    

I'm not the only one thinking about this…

I like the way Paul Adams ( @padday ) makes the distinction between our strong ties and weak ties in his presentation The Real Life Social Network

Make no mistake, I realize there is significant and proven value to be found in our weak ties.    

Yet, I believe a new class of social apps will emerge to help us manage and optimize our conversations, relationships and trust across our social core… and will answer some of these questions: 

  • How can we extend our on-line activity streams to our off-line social core?
  • How can we make it easy for those in our off-line social core to join our on-line activity streams?
  • What information (i.e. context, location, transactions) are we more likely to share with our social core versus our social edge?
  • How do we integrate and manage social core networks that blend our personal and work life?


  1. It’s a good graph. I guess the next step is “define what’s broken”.?

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