Apple’s Move to Create Smart CallerID

From Communications 2.0 thought leader Stuart Henshall on the strategic implications of Apple's Facetime launch:

"Apple is creating a parallel signaling universe. By copying the mobile number and using it to set up FaceTime calls it is lulling the operators into a sense of greed and complacency. While they may believe that they will be charging for 3G video minutes and it looks like they are good for call setup, the opposite is true."

"My view is one that FaceTime is another trojan horse offered up to the carriers as a potential money maker that, with a few simple changes, will add chat, VoIP, multiple callerID’s, social networking functionality, context before the call, filtering of calls, presence and availability info and more.

For the rest the the handset vendors it remains a “me too” world. There’s nothing really new in this strategy. PhoneGnome has patents in this area. My own startup Phweet (phone plus tweet) demoed in 2008 how to set up this solution and sought patents on the CallerID approach. The industry will look at FaceTime soon and shudder.

FaceTime just wrestled control of my CallerID and my number from the carrier for me and no doubt their benefit. Add in Geo info and a few more smart device handoffs and communications in five years won’t look like it has in the past.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t options for Carriers, for handset vendors, for hardware vendors etc. Yet so far they have shown they aren’t ready to embrace the new world."

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