A Big Audacious Vision

Having a compelling Vision for a lean startup, the creation of a new enterprise product or pursuing a new growth opportunity is vital to success. 

All need an audacious Vision that gets tested, refined and synched throughout the Customer Development and Product Fit processes.

Sean Ellis, who has advised a number of successful startups, highlights the importance of an audacious vision as he leads his new startup – FREEjit

"In the age of the lean startup, we often forget about the importance of vision.  

A big audacious vision is critical for attracting venture capital and for getting the early team to “take the leap.”  It also stimulates the emotion/passion needed to fuel your team’s persistence to blast through inevitable hurdles.

Achieving your vision requires first getting traction.   The most realistic way to get traction is to break down your vision to something very relevant now for the sweet spot of your target market.  

This MVP (minimum viable product) is a bridge between concrete customer needs today and your big audacious vision."

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