Games @ Work

I wanted to refresh my thinking on the Guiding Principles of Game Design @ Work from my earlier post


The Guiding Principles for Games @ Work were focused on making it easy for collaboration leaders and business users to:

1. Define clear boundaries, shared problem(s) and a community of collaborative business users


2. Assign satisfying tasks or roles that enable business users to excel and be part of something "Bigger"


3. Build nonmonetary incentives into a game economy to strongly motivate individuals to accomplish group aims.


4. Deliver hyper- transparency of information about users' skills and teams’ real-time performance 


5. Create a virtual economic marketplace for information and collaboration


6. Open multiple real-time sources of information and communication upon which to make decisions


7. Structure as a project-oriented organization that can easily be disbanded and reformed based on tasks and skills


8. Recognize individual, group and company achievements in a clear, specific way


9. Open visibility into all skills / project / social networks of communication across an organization


10. Adapt multiple, purpose-specific communications mediums to improve speed and efficiency of collaboration. 


With a little vision, strategy and design, it is not hard to see how game design principles will be shaping the future of communication and collaboration applications.


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