True Value to be found in Sensing Relevance

"Context, the weaving together of interrelated conditions that brings meaning to why a person is doing something, is the key to delivering relevance.  

The only thing of true value in a user-controlled medium is relevance." 

@jonathanmendez , Display's Matching Problem


I agree with Jonathan and like his vision for integrating the emerging "sensing wave" to deliver on the opportunity of relevance-aware advertising.  

If we distill Jonathan's statement of "weaving together inter-related conditions that brings meaning" down to the key technology or product elements, I think we have something like:

  1. Sensors to capture a user's declarative and ambient actions, reactions, environment, intent, attention and sentiment data.
  2. A Context Engine to aggregate sensor data
  3. An Analytics layer to derive meaning from the Context Engine data stream
  4. A Preference & Policy based Filtering Layer to deliver a real-time, relevance-aware stream of content based on a user's rules and context.

So you end up with something like:


Sensors + Context + Analytics + Filter => Relevance


It seems to me, there's been too much focus on "context" and not enough focus on the source of true value for users to be found in "relevance".

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