Not all Graphs are the same

Chris Dixon, CEO of Hunch, recently presented at a GoogleTechTalk at the Google New York office.

Chris talked about the value of Graphs … as in social, communications, intention, taste graphs … the evolution toward Graph Wars … and strategic choices important to developing graphs.


I was particularly interested in his question:

"How are Communication Graphs related to Social or Taste Graphs?"  

While there may be some overlap in "nodes" that appear across all 3 graphs, there are many "nodes" that are distinct.  As a result, we should expect to see the use of each graph as the source for distinctly different services for users.

Because not all Graphs are the same, the value of network analysis and new graph based services will continue to grow.


  1. Yes, it’s hard to think about the enterprise as anything but graph and flow anymore. I have a pdf to email you 🙂

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