How we access the Web

David Beckemeyer has published an insightful comparison of how people access the web today and how it has changed in the last two years.  

Check out these two graphics from David.


This is how we accessed the Web in 2010:

-97% from desktop, 90% Windows, 3% mobile

How people access web - 2010


This is how we accessed the Web in 2012:

-54% from Mobile, 56% iOS, 46% Desktop

How people access web - 2012

As David rightly points out:

"The take-away for me is that not only are we headed into a mobile future, but we are headed, for better or worse, into an Apple future, and we better get used to it. If you take the Mac and iOS combined, Apple now owns 45% of the surfing experience, already surpassing Microsoft Windows at 38% – and it’s only getting worse for Windows, as iPad sales continue to steamroll PCs. This “Android Dominance” meme is utter fiction and wishful thinking. Windows Phone? Get real. Unless you’re fine playing in a niche space, if you’re building a product or service and it isn’t designed with mobile first, it’s time to re-think it – throw out your plans and start over. I’m dead serious. What’s more, if it doesn’t thrive in an Apple-dominated mobile ecosystem, it’s also time to go back to the drawing board."

Mobile (cloud) first in an Apple ecosystem friendly way.


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