The Story of Nike+

Stefan Olander is VP of Digital Sport at Nike and co-author of The Laws of Velocity.  Under his leadership, Nike is transitioning to a digital product + services company and is innovating in a number of ways to change their relationship with users.

“It used to be that when you bought a product, that was the end of the relationship. It’s classic marketing. ‘Great, you bought the product. See you in a year, when the next campaign comes along.’ That thinking has flipped on its head.

Now, the purchase of any Nike product needs to be the beginning of the relationship we have with the consumer.”

Stefan Olander, @soland

The Story of Nike+ and the lessons learned during Nike’s shift from innovating products to innovating at the intersection of user experiences, behaviors and goals is inspirational and instructive.

Stefan Olander: Running Nike’s Digital Strategy from WIRED on

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