Platform Strategies Evolve

While most platforms evolve from “killer apps” to powerful platforms, Bijan Sabet highlights how new platforms are emerging without developing an application first.

From Bijan, examples include:

Yodlee for banking apps

Twilio for voice and sms apps

Cardspring for payment card apps

Clever for education apps

Onswipe for touch web apps

These “platform first” companies are getting traction because

a) they are solving an extremely messy (understatement) problem behind the scenes

b) their APIs are simple & clean. the ease of developing apps on these platforms are capital efficient (e.g. compare this with the old days of mobile app development pre iOS)

c) they are supporting and creating an ecosystem to flourish where the previous ecosystem was broken. The apps want the platform to succeed because the pain and mess previously felt was unbearable.

d) roles are fairly well understood between platform and developer.  Everyone leaves a little money on the table on both sides to get to a happy place.

I still like the idea of app first, platform second. In the best case, the app provider that has platform ambitions can dogfood the same API that they give developers.

But it’s no longer the only way to get a platform started.

It’s interesting to think about other markets where a “platform first” company could emerge

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