Aggregating Value

Peter Kim has a short post describing the guiding principle of :

Aggregate or Be Aggregated

Peter writes:

“Functional integration of ecosystems is emerging as the path towards maximizing value creation within our increasingly digital world. To own an industry leadership position, you need to own the experience.

Aggregate or be aggregated. Keep this in mind as you encounter offers to publish and syndicate your content, explore new opportunities for customers/members/users, and consider how your relationship will be
monetized by the company that’s helping you out.”

The principle reminded me of an earlier post on the value of aggregating communications where I wrote:

The enterprise is shifting from a space/file software model to a time/stream based software model where the real-time interactions of business users have a past, a present and a future.
New value for business users – and revenue for enterprises – will come from aggregating, analyzing and filtering these interaction signals enabled by the real-time web.
I agree with Peter.  Value creation is found in aggregating content, streams, interactions and conversations for users in a more useful and powerful way than competitors.

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