Interaction Analytics – Linking What We Say and What We Do

Interaction Analytics

My interest in the emerging Interaction Analytics market goes back to a project I led in 2008 that was focused on the capture, index, store, sharing and analyzing of my voice, text and video conversations.

Three recent announcements illustrate progress and growth toward the Interaction Analytics market opportunity:

Join Me is an online meeting service from LogMeIn is adding a trio of features designed to better support its business users, including the ability to record meetings from web and iPad, share those recordings with others, and maintain an online file store with all the necessary meeting materials, like presentations, notes, photos, and more.

NYT Bits LogoWearable devices like Google Glass are only a hint of what is to come — ever smaller and cheaper, and tied to inexpensive digital storage. Records of voices and events will be a permanent part of the Internet the way text is already, held forever and searched, mined and inspected.

HyperVoice ConsortiumMartin Geddes continues to champion the Hypervoice Consortium.  Hypervoice is focused on how we transform our ability to create value from voice.  It links what we say to what we do.  With Hypervoice, the whole conversation can be stored, searched, navigated, analysed and integrated into our workflow – not just the textual parts.

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