A “Story Platform” for digital Sales Enablement

Story Platform 2 - social@ogilvy - John Bell

Expect 2014 to be a big year for digital and social sales enablement.

More and more brands are expected to invest in applications and cloud driven services that help customers value and connect with salespeople earlier in the buyer journey.

At the same time, companies are increasingly providing their sales teams with the content and data critical to creating new value for customers throughout the decision process.

In 2014, brands are thinking strategically and socially about content marketing, inbound marketing and sales analytic experiences and to empower sales teams.

The key to an integrated social and digital content strategy that enables sales teams to connect with potential buyers is to build valuable content and conversations from a consistent story platform that drives all channels of content marketing.

John Bell – social@ogilvy describes 3 things as critical to a successful digital content marketing strategy:

  1. Create a single story platform for everyone
  2. Fuel sales teams with on-demand content
  3. Convert interaction data into customer & sales intelligence

What is your Story Platform for 2014?

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