The Era of Continuous Collaboration

Continuous Collab - Flow

We are entering the Continuous Collaboration era.  An era that will deliver applications, services and platforms enabling all of us to collaborate seamlessly between and across both our personal and work lives.

Today, we increasingly find ourselves using the very same consumer and personal cloud services that help us organize our personal lives, to help us communicate and collaborate with our colleagues at work.

Our primary collaboration platform is a mobile device – phone, pad or wearable – powered by cloud services that enable us to create, connect, communicate, store, share, stream, analyze and act in realtime, in new ways, in our professional and personal lives.

The emergence of the Continuous Collaboration era comes from experiences and expectations shaped by our use of consumer web applications and devices.

We have come to expect that:

  • Our mobile device should provide immediate and realtime access to information when and where needed.
  • The information and content we create as we collaborate will be stored in the cloud and will sync across all of our devices and access points.
  • The UI and UX for continuously collaboration is simple, browser or lightweight app centric.
  • The UX is persistent, context-aware and increasingly predictive.
  • We can easily link, couple and integrate across apps, clouds and data
  • The data we create and add to the cloud is easily shared, managed and blended as we permit and need.
  • We are constantly and continuously collaborating across both our work and personal lives throughout the day. The two are blended, not separate.
  • Focus on managing and securing our collaboration data and metadata, not controlling and limiting access to apps and services.

The era of Continuous Collaboration is powering new realtime collaboration apps and services that are mobile, threaded, persistent and seamlessly connected across our social, work, personal and organizationally boundaries.

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