Product Strategy Lessons

The following product strategy lessons were pulled from Paul Adam’s post “Product Lessons We Can Learn from Google+“. The reshuffles in management in Google+ recently attracted a lot of press comment and speculation. I thought it an appropriate time to look back on the last couple of years and see what broader product lessons we […]

Data from Everywhere, Personalize Anywhere

This week Facebook unveiled a new mobile ad network at its F8 conference. The purpose of the network is for Facebook to sell ads outside of and outside the Facebook mobile app. If Facebook’s direction or strategy isn’t clear, let me spell it out: Harvest personal data from multiple apps, then sell personalized advertising […]

The Personal Data Economy

    Anya Skatova is a research fellow at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub, based at the University of Nottingham and funded through RCUK’s Digital Economy theme. In her research, Anya asked a group of participants to think about different types of data, including physical location GPS, electricity bills, broadband usage, mobile phone bills, […]

Nike dumping Fuelband? With friends like Apple, it doesn’t need its own hardware

Originally posted on Gigaom:
If you want to track your fitness with Nike software, you’re probably going to have to use Apple products. The news that Nike had laid off a majority of its digital sport hardware engineering team last week meant the reported end of Nike’s FuelBand, the oldest of the current generation of…

Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise

Workday has announced that it acquired Identified, a company that offered predictive analytics human resources software, to enhance search capabilities and accelerate the delivery of predictive analytics and machine learning throughout Workday’s suite of applications. This summer, Identified pulled back the curtain on a new artificial intelligence technology, called “SYMAN,” which it developed to help […]

If Twitter isn’t the most valuable data source around, it’s at least the most flexible

Originally posted on Gigaom:
The amazing thing about Twitter (s twtr) is how fast its day-to-day users became the group that stands to gain the least from the platform. That’s not an indictment of Twitter — its users can still derive a lot of benefit from being able to share and communicate with networks of…

The Value of Action + Interaction Data

When Fitbit introduced its latest activity tracker, the Fitbit Force, it said the device would eventually gain a caller ID feature. On Wednesday the company confirmed to SlashGear that this feature will finally be making an appearance in February. The update will allow you to see who is calling via a scrolling update across the […]