Benchmarking your SaaS business

Pacific Crest and David Skok have released a survey benchmarking SaaS metrics for early and growth stage companies. The entire report is well worth reading. Redpoint VC Tomasz Tunguz (@ttunguz) lists his 6 most important benchmarks and observations from the report. 1. Inside Sales Driven Companies Grow Fastest Inside sales driven distribution companies grow about 40% faster […]

Creating a new market

  What lessons for the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) industry can be learned from companies who have successfully created new markets and have become the new market leaders? The creation of the mobile market provides lessons for companies who aspire to create and lead the IoT market. Let’s look back… Apple created a new […]

Product Strategy Lessons

The following product strategy lessons were pulled from Paul Adam’s post “Product Lessons We Can Learn from Google+“. The reshuffles in management in Google+ recently attracted a lot of press comment and speculation. I thought it an appropriate time to look back on the last couple of years and see what broader product lessons we […]

Nike dumping Fuelband? With friends like Apple, it doesn’t need its own hardware

Originally posted on Gigaom:
If you want to track your fitness with Nike software, you’re probably going to have to use Apple products. The news that Nike had laid off a majority of its digital sport hardware engineering team last week meant the reported end of Nike’s FuelBand, the oldest of the current generation of…

A “Story Platform” for digital Sales Enablement

Expect 2014 to be a big year for digital and social sales enablement. More and more brands are expected to invest in applications and cloud driven services that help customers value and connect with salespeople earlier in the buyer journey. At the same time, companies are increasingly providing their sales teams with the content and data […]

Rethinking Knowledge Work

In HBR, Roger Martin outlines a new model for managing the expensive resource of “knowledge workers”. He recommends: – Move from “Job” to “Project” to move skills easily and efficiently – Code-ify learnings from “Projects” so an algorithm can be applied next time “Companies everywhere struggle with the management of knowledge workers. They compete fiercely […]

A New Wave

I think we all agree that the enterprise software industry is in transition.  Some will argue the path and pace, others the extent of impact on the incumbents, but the enterprise software space is in the midst of significant change. I characterize my vision for the future state of enterprise applications as having 6 elements […]