Twitter Graph Relevance

John Batelle provides further proof of the value found at the intersection of network graphs and conversation analytics.    We now have a number of graphs defined by aggregating links and conversations around social objects: web graphs ( e.g. Google), social graphs (e.g. Facebook), interest graphs (e.g. twitter), location graphs (e.g. foursquare).   "In short, […]

The Live Web of Interaction Signals for Business Users

Over the next 3 years, the ability to interact, analyze and filter our stream of interaction activities based on a live or real-time model will redefine our personal, work and mobile experiences with the web. Let’s look at these two categories (i) the Live Web of real-time streams and (ii) Interaction Signals separately: The Live […]

“Sensing” Voice

In my vision of future state for enterprise applications, the 6th element is "Sensing".    I've used this term to capture how future applications will create new value for users by sensing relevance, context and personal preferences through analytics of voice, video, text, location, attention or other ambient and declarative data from the user.  The […]

User Experience for the Business User in 2009

Four fundamental forces of change are driving the evolution of the user experience for the Business User in 2009: (a) economic recession and its impact on the enterprise IT budget  (b) enterprise governance, security and business policy requirements force "hardening" of consumer apps (c) new sources of value and revenue continue to be found at the Enterprise […]

Mobile “Sensing” for Context-Aware Application

From Nokia's Conversation blog, we learn about their vision of turning mobile devices into sensors.   For me, it serves as an example of Nokia's interest in the "Sensing Wave". "Every phone is a sensor When you start thinking of the mobile device as providing context, you start to think of users projecting who they are, […]

Google Mobile = Chrome + Android + Cloud

Scott Webster of Android Guys highlights what I've been thinking.  Google Android may be aimed initially at Microsoft or Apple, but it really is a first step to a larger Google Mobile vision that uses Chrome, Android and Cloud based apps to drive new growth. From Scott: "Alot of people think that Google’s mobile agenda […]

The Sensing Wave of Opportunity

Recently, I found myself considering three different proof-points of how we are entering the "Sensing" wave of innovations and technologies as described in the 10 year Forecasts published by the Institute for the Future … Proof-point #1:  Sensing Filters The first proof-point is Clay Shirky's presentation at the Web 2.0 NYC where he made the […]