Commoditize, Modularize Incumbent Value, then Aggregate

Ben Thompson’s post on Stratechery does a nice job highlighting how value creation shifts when an incumbent’s integrated system is commoditized and modularized… and replaced by a new aggregation and integration marketplace strategy. More broadly, breaking up a formerly integrated system — commoditizing and modularizing it — destroys incumbent value while simultaneously allowing a new […]

Facebook’s global dominance of messaging, in two maps

Platforms and crowdsourcing: The office of the 21st century

Originally posted on Gigaom:
“Disruption” is one of the most overhyped concepts of the last ten years. A Google Trend search for “disruptive innovation” shows a steeply rising graph, and you can hardly open a professional news website without reading stories about whole sectors being disrupted. Given that “business as usual” is apparently undergoing a profound…

Apple Silently Becomes One Of The Most Influential Companies In The Smartwatch Industry

VMware’s Journey to Cloud Applications

By now you've seen the news that VMware has acquired Socialcast as a complement to their recent purchases of Sliderocket and Zimbra.  Add in the launch of their own Horizon App Manager and VMware has some interesting building blocks for enterprise cloud applications. With the move on Socialcast, they continue to invest aggressively in the […]

Microsoft + Skype: Video as common as email or IM

If there was a central vision being offered by Ballmer and Skype CEO Tony Bates on Tuesday, it was this: "They want to make Internet video calls as common as email or instant messaging."

Apple’s Move to Create Smart CallerID

From Communications 2.0 thought leader Stuart Henshall on the strategic implications of Apple's Facetime launch: "Apple is creating a parallel signaling universe. By copying the mobile number and using it to set up FaceTime calls it is lulling the operators into a sense of greed and complacency. While they may believe that they will be charging […]